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Designer and Manufacturer of V-Clamps, Pressed Clamps and Joint Technology Solutions

Teconnex is part of the Hexadex Group of companies, and is a world class manufacturer of specialised jointing solutions including V Clamps, Band Clamps and Pressed Clamps (G Couplings). We are supplying a diverse range of industries worldwide, striving to meet and exceed our customer’s quality standards.

With a history dating back to 1954, Teconnex Ltd were formed in 1997 following the merger of two well established and highly regarded V Clamp manufacturers, Smith & Johnson and Connectors Ltd. Today, Teconnex is a privately owned company with manufacturing facilities in West Yorkshire, UK as well as Kunshan, China and Monterrey, Mexico. Additionally, we are looking to establish a manufacturing facility in Romania to further improve support for our European customers.

Teconnex have Sales, Applications Engineering, Project Management and Distribution spread across 3 continents including Europe, Asia, and America. Our worldwide footprint enables us to effectively support our key customers working on multiple projects across their global locations.


Teconnex work to the highest quality assurance standards. Having operated within both ISO / TS16949:2009 & AS9100C quality systems since 2011, our team is fully committed to ensuring all our products meet the high design and performance standards our customers have come to expect.

We ensure quality standards are maintained and continuously improved in all business functions whilst successfully utilising Six Sigma throughout the business. Statistical analysis, internal review procedures and customer feedback provide up to date relevant data.

We provide full training for all employees to make sure they understand our standards, manufacturing methods, safety procedures, internal systems and traceability requirements to make sure that everything we stand for is properly transferred into the reality of manufacturing.

We'd love to hear from you. To find out more about how we could work together, please get in touch at +44 1535 691122.

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Testing & Validation

Teconnex can conduct a wide variety of testing processes using both in house and external resources. We are constantly developing new testing equipment, methods and processes to meet our customers’ requirements for development and validation.

Project Management

The Teconnex Project Engineering team a wide range of vertical market sector and applications engineering experience and strive to provide the best possible integration with the customers’ systems.

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