EPICOR driving Teconnex towards record £39 million turnover


West-Yorkshire based manufacturer Teconnex are always aiming to create new business opportunities in markets across the world, the company are immensely proud of the continual development of their products, technology, customer base and Keighley headquarters. 

Over the last three years, Teconnex has significantly invested in the expansion and improvement of their headquarters, which has led to the recent completion of a new global technical & test centre, office and administrative block.

Teconnex has established a presence in China and are opening a new manufacturing facility in Monterey, Mexico. In addition, they have plans to expand the UK facility further increasing manufacturing capacity. They successfully operate in a wide variety of markets, including automotive, off highway, locomotive, marine, aerospace, power generation, filtration, food, pharmaceutical as well as defence & military.

In 2015, Teconnex started implementing EPICOR as an enterprise management system to drive forward efficiency in key business processes. A major step in improving business efficiency that was accomplished by EPICOR was establishing a closer network and further fostering an environment of teamwork within the company. 

The system helped to provide a majority of employees with a system personalized to suit their needs, which enabled Teconnex to work more proactively and be more transparent with workload management.

In just one year, Teconnex has reduced the amount of time required to complete processes by around 50% – 75% and they are expecting to improve this even further. Additionally, EPICOR has allowed them to transition into a mostly paperless system, which saves Teconnex and the environment copious amounts of resources.

Paul Sleaford, Managing Director of Teconnex commented: “Big congratulations to the EPICOR project team and everyone who contributed to this momentous step forward in driving through business efficiencies. I am always excited when employees and teams achieve their goals. As a business we continue to support personal development and company improvements alike. We all need to continuously develop ourselves and what we do here at Teconnex.” 

Furthermore, their 90,000 square foot manufacturing plant has been equipped with new warehousing and manufacturing facilities, in order to be prepared for addition new business opportunities. While growth is a major factor in securing Teconnex future, commercial success is equally important. In turn, Teconnex are looking forward to 2016 becoming another record breaking year for the company, as they look set to reach a record turnover of £39 million.

Teconnex are a world leader in manufacturing bespoke and specialised jointing technologies with a focus on clamping solutions. The company was founded as a part of the Hexadex Group in 1997 following the merger of two well established and highly regarded local clamp manufacturers, Smith & Johnson and Connectors Limited. 

Due to their IT departments efforts, Teconnex were recently nominated for an award for customer excellence in “Business Transformation” given out by the EPICOR company. Head of IT, Daniel Topp had the honour of accepting the award and giving a speech about how other businesses can benefit from their experience with implementing and using the EPICOR system.