Teconnex rewarded for 'outstanding contributions'

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We are delighted to share that as part of our ongoing partnership with ICE (Industrial Centres of Excellence) and STEM, Teconnex has been recognised and awarded for our outstanding contributions.

ICE is important for the future generation of students who want to gain qualifications and have a career within Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing. Every Industrial Centre of Excellence offers 'high-quality learning experiences' for students aged 14-19. The organisation's aim is to prepare young people for work, having an emphasis on work culture by offering pathways into work, training and higher education. 

Here at Teconnex, we provide world-class manufactured goods such as Clamps, Band Clamps and Pressed Clamps. We supply to a diverse range of industries worldwide. Our global footprint enables us to effectively support our key customers working on projects across their variety of locations.

Our role with ICE is pivotal and our ongoing work with local Schools, Colleges and Universities help to drive our industry forward and encourage and grow future talent.

We proactively influence and develop more avenues for diversity within technical roles, helping to build the foundations and framework of education to meet the future requirements of businesses such as Teconnex.

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